The Dawn After Dusk

Gianna is a traveling musician/yogini, leisurely scouring the country in a 1977 Toyota Chinook. Throughout her journey she picks up roadkill and other objects to produce "artwear," individually handmade jewelry sold as fine and expressive art. Traveling with her bandmate and best friend, Stryker, she plays drums, bells, keys, and sings to make up the indie/folk duo, Barefoot on Bumblebees. Currently bases out of Austin, Texas, she has a quaint little home with her girlfriend, Amongst these things, Gianna is lucky enough to have the opportunity to teach and practice yoga in all quarters of the country.

I use this blog to store my inspirations, to share the things I produce, the things I do and love, and all that I see as beautiful. Please connect with me, share your thoughts, ask me questions.

my first teachers in India

my first teachers in India

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